Man vs. Quo |from ordinary to Extraordinary


“To maintain the status quo is to keep the things the way they presently are…”

We are given a finite time here on earth… what would our world look like if everyone reached there full potential?

Have we even seen whaimg_7303.jpgt a human’s full potential looks like? Are we too conditioned to think small and unworthy of even pushing ourselves to achieve maximum potential?

These are the questions we will explore here at Man vs. Quo-

I’ve unfortunately had to learn many things the hard way but remain very grateful for the lessons along the way. My aim is to share some of these experiences and anything else I may be able to contribute to  help others reach their full potential.  We need your contribution and wisdom too. Together we can help many more find their purpose and potential.

What can you share that brought you to that point of living with purpose? How can we help others get there too?



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